Dickason Chiropractic Services Overview

Chriropractic Care That Helps With Your Chronic Pain

At Dickason Chiropractic our main goal is to help you achieve your health goals. In order to do this we offer many different services in our office in order to help your health return as soon as possible. This is summarized the best with Dr. Dickason’s D.R.E.A.M. principle.

Chiropractic Care

At Dickason Chiropractic our main goal is to help you achieve your health goals. In order to do this we offer many different services in our office. The primary tool for helping our patient’s health return is Chiropractic care with an Upper Cervical focus and a Biomechanical Component. The Upper Cervical Spine is extremely important and should be properly cared for through Chiropractic Adjustments. Dr. Dickason has been trained in numerous Upper Cervical Adjusting techniques including HIO, Toggle Recoil, Palmer Upper Cervical, Orthospinology, Grostic, NUCCA and Blair. His primary goal with Upper Cervical care is to take the pressure off the brainstem/medulla oblongata and allow the brain and the body to communicate again and start the healing process. Dr. Dickason is a full spine Chiropractor meaning that he does adjust other areas of the spine such as the lower back or the lumbar spine and pelvis. By restoring alignment to the spine this allows the pressure to be relieved from the spine and from the nerves in the spine. This allows Dr. Dickason’s patients to sometimes start feeling better almost instantly after his care. Most patients need some time with their spine in alignment to fully correct the underlying problems/distortions that allowed the symptoms to come on in the first place.


In 400 BC Hippocrates stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This statement is still very true almost 2,500 years later! Dr. Clint Dickason works with each individual patient to help them utilize a diet and nutritional plan that will allow them to achieve their health goals. Dr. Dickason does personalized nutritional counseling and holds a monthly class as a service to his practice members. Dr. Dickason utilizes dietary knowledge and nutritional supplements in his office to help patients fill the nutritional gaps left by our modern day diets that may cause pain and discomfort.


Dr. Dickason received his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science so not only does he have a great understanding of exercise but he also uses it in his office to help his patients reach their health goals and reduce their level of pain. Exercise can be very powerful in helping one regain their health and overcome the pain! Once the Chiropractic adjustment takes pressure off the nerves these nerves can now communicate with the muscles properly, this is why someone with a vertebral subluxation can have achy muscles! Dr. Dickason utilizes very specific exercises in his office in order to get the stabilizer muscles or more commonly known as the “core” to support the spine and help the patient regain their health. He also teaches a Spinal Stabilization course that gives his patients the tools to spend 5-10 minutes a day exercising their spine to reduce and eliminate back pain. You can think of it as brushing and flossing for your spine!

On Site X-Ray

Dickason Chiropractic has digital x-ray capabilities on site in order to help facilitate patient care. This allows Dr. Dickason to specifically find the cause of your pain.

Digital Range of Motion

Computerized ranges of motion studies are performed on patients to help obtain an objective value for our patient’s spinal range of motion. This is helpful in being able to diagnosis what is causing your pain and discomfort.

Postural Analysis

Dickason Chiropractic utilizes postural analysis to assist in assessing our patient’s health. This tool allows Dr. Dickason to non-invasively monitor almost all of our patient’s progress throughout the course of care. Postural distortions can cause pain and discomfort over time if not corrected.