Chiropractic Care For Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy & Babies

Dr. Dickason is the only Webster Technique Certified Chiropractor in Castle Rock! He is also an active member of the ICPA, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Check out the ICPA’s website here:

Pregnancy is a wonderful moment for any mother. But the changes that one goes through to take the pregnancy from conception to delivery are far from easy. Hormonal changes in the women’s body allows for loosened ligaments that can cause discomfort and pain. Physical changes are happening from the very beginning in preparing the womb for a baby to grow. The women’s body starts to adapt to the changes and even compensate for the postural changes. Extra weight gain also plays a part in the mother’s changing physiology.

Utilizing Chiropractic Care while pregnant will offer a host of benefits but undoubtedly the biggest for mothers is pain management by reducing discomfort from the stress placed on the body. Regular Chiropractic adjustments for pregnant mothers helps reduce pressure on the women’s womb, reducing the discomfort from the supporting ligaments as they stretch and assisting with the position of the pelvic floor can aid in delivery.

Results of research by Joan Fallon (Chiropractor) show that with first-time mothers receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy, average labor time was reduced by 24%. For second or third births the reduction in labor time, if under chiropractic care, was 39%.

Another study by Irvin Henderson MD, concluded that pregnant women receiving chiropractic in the third trimester were “able to carry and deliver with more comfort.”

Per Freitag MD conducted research that showed analgesics (pain medication) during delivery was reduced by half in patients under regular chiropractic care.

Dr. Dickason offers “low force” adjustments specific to pregnant mothers. He is Certified in the Webster technique. Dr. Dickason has had success with many patients in his office ranging from births of multiples, high risk pregnancies, breech babies, first-time mothers and seasoned mothers, including his own wife with the pregnancy and birth of their 2 babies. Dr. Dickason works closely with Doulas, Midwives and OBGYN’s to meet the needs and requests of the patients.

After childbirth, Chiropractic care assists in realigning the women’s body from childbirth, helping the loosened ligaments regain their strength more quickly. This support is key for Mom to recover during the 4th Trimester of pregnancy.